• Your data at a glance

    Users know very well both the availability and performance of your applications.
    Do you like having detailed information for a careful comparison of objective data?
    Virtual User is your solution.

  • Mainframe tools

    Exploiting native mainframe interfaces, Virtual User can easily replicate custom profiles and scenarios on multiple parallel sessions.
    More analysis in less time for greater productivity.

  • Application monitoring

    Discover proactive application monitoring. Better reliability and productivity mean customer retention.
    Your competitive advantage lies in our solutions.

  • Real-time reporting

    Our web dashboards provide real-time results so you can take action to effectively resolve possible problems and service interruptions.
    Faster problem resolution means saving time and money.

Virtual User©Real-Time Application Monitoring & Mainframe Tools »

Are your business-critical applications and services working properly? Our Virtual User constantly checks their availability and performance, regardless of the technology platform used (Web, Mainframe, Client/Server, Citrix, Sap, Middleware… etc.). Virtual User is a real-time monitoring software to pinpoint failures in your business-critical applications.

Mainframe tools for active monitoring? Try Virtual User© for Emulator!

All the advantages of application monitoring for mainframes.
Virtual User© for Emulator is the product from S3 specialized in mainframe, CICS, AS/400, iSeries, 3270 and 5250 applications.
Through terminal emulation provided by , keep availability and performance under control, automate mainframe commands and transactions, run simultaneously and in parallel multiple sessions, check real-time dashboards and detailed web reports, all with our software.
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How it works?

Our solution behaves like a real human user, measuring the end-to-end reactivity and response time of applications and services.
You can replicate and then automate all the steps that a real end user can perform to effectively analyze what your users are actually experiencing. Also you do not need to install any agent on your production environment: our probes can be positioned everywhere in the network.

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Our products and services »

Virtual User©

Actively monitors your applications and services. Discover how real time monitoring, data analysis and reports can help you achieve your business goal.

Remote Load Testing

S3 provides a remote performance test service able to detect the pattern of response time and availability of Web applications in relation to the number of active virtual users on the systems.

Active Support

S3 support staff are glad to help you in every necessary step, from initial configuration to final tuning.


S3 support staff will teach you the right way to handle your specific scenarios to let you operate in complete autonomy.

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