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Take all the advantages of Application Monitoring and Active Monitoring combined for your business: know in real-time the availability and performance of your whole production environment, regardless of the technology platform that you use (Web, Mainframe, Client/Server, Citrix, Sap, Middleware… etc.).
Virtual User for Emulator
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Virtual User© for Emulator

The product from S3 specializes in mainframe, CICS, AS/400, iSeries, 3270 and 5250 applications.
Through terminal emulation provided by keep availability and performance under control, automate mainframe commands and transactions, run simultaneously and in parallel multiple sessions, and check real-time dashboards and detailed web reports. All with our software.

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Virtual User
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Virtual User©

The solution form S3 for Web and GUI application monitoring.
Execute navigations through every website, verify SLA and KPIs through real-time web dashboards and comprehensive reporting. Be notified of any change with an efficient alarm system. Everything you need in one place.

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Remote Load Testing

S3 provides a remote performance test service. It’s able to detect the pattern of response time and availability of Web applications in relation to the number of active virtual users on the systems. The application load for the checks can be generated remotely through the public Internet. We will provide detailed reports that reflect the real capabilities of your applications under load tests.

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