• Application Monitoring

    Availability and performance always at a glance. Response times are always dependent on the actual quality of your applications and services.

  • End-user Experience

    The checks are always executed from the point of view of the user. Ensure the best possible user experience of your mission-critical applications.

  • Automation

    Automate repetitive tasks to check critical responses of production systems to ensure a robust and secure application environment.

  • Real-time data analysis

    Measurements data in real time and always up to date. Check immediately the status of your application via simple and intuitive dashboards.

  • Non-intrusive

    No modification or installation in your production systems. Place your test probes wherever you want in the network.

  • Incident/capacity management

    Reliable measurements, repeatable and comparable through time, to have a solid basis for capacity planning and action planning operations.

  • Proactivity

    Even if there aren’t real users on your system you can discover and eliminate issues before they can become serious problems.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Comprehensive, reliable and objective reporting for easy reading and understanding. Anyone can take advantage of clear and precise data.

  • Web monitoring

    Effectively monitor real-time end-to-end reactivity and response times of every web page and web application.

  • GUI testing

    Pretty much everything with a GUI can be monitored and automated to test functionality and responsiveness.

  • Alarms

    Be notified of every change via email, SMS, SNMP trap or batch scripts even with multiple distribution lists, differentiated by running hours.

  • Network

    Execute basic network checks like Ping and TCP requests to verify accessibility and network transmission latencies.

  • Service Level Management

    Set thresholds on every check to maintain and improve the quality of services through monitoring and reporting with KPIs.

  • Concurrent monitoring

    Execute simultaneously multiple checks to increase the number of operations performed during the time.

  • Scheduled execution

    Run applicative checks whenever you want, planning each day of the week or even nonstop 24/7.

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