Bring all the advantages of Virtual User© into your business.

Taking complete control of your software, means having some great and practical impacts on your business.
Discover some of the major business benefits in adopting a solution like Virtual User©.
  • Grow sales and revenues

    Business-critical applications are the core of companies and organizations. These applications require the maximum degree of attention in order to keep your business running. Robust and reliable applications and services prevent loss of earnings.

  • Reduce downtime

    Service interruptions or complete unavailability can be disastrous at business levels. Reduce the risk of downtimes and prevent critical interruptions.

  • Customer satisfaction

    This is the key for each successful application. Satisfied customers mean customer loyalty and retention.

  • Improve quality and user-exp

    Resolve performance issues and improve the usability which makes life easier for your customers who will use your applications more willingly.

  • Save time and money

    Focus on your business while reducing errors and improving performance of your services. You will gain both in efficiency and productivity.

  • Global vision

    A complete solution that provides reliable measurements, repeatable and comparable through time, to have a solid basis for capacity planning and action planning operations.

  • Increase cohesion and morale of the team

    A united team works together on common goals. The working motivation and capacity is strengthened.

  • Continuous improvement

    A continuous cycle of analysis-planning-implementation improves the quality of applications and services.

All the benefits of Application Monitoring and Active Monitoring in your business: effectively monitor the performance, availability, and user experience of your software applications.

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TRY IT NOW Download now your FREE trial version of Virtual User© for Emulator: the product from S3 specializes in mainframe, CICS, AS/400, iSeries, 3270 and 5250 applications. Run simultaneously and in parallel multiple applicative sessions!

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